Reiki Past-Life Healing Workshop @ New Delhi, 7th July 2103

By Naran Balakumar

The features of this technique are:

  • It is based on Quantum science
  • A simple proven method to heal the past and present life
  • When you heal your parents’ life you are healed
  • When you heal your life, your children also get healed
  • Will make any one understand that all of us are repeating our life and our parents’ lives only
  • You can never create any future until you heal your past life
  • One can heal the accidents/deaths in the family also.


The comment of those who attended the workshop

  • Naran’s greatest gift to the healing world – Uma, Reiki Master
  • It is a pity that nobody has known this method so far – Raguraman, Reiki channel
  • All our future visualization are a waste till you do Naran’s past life healing – Mallika, Reiki Master
  • The greatest and best of any healing method – Narayanan
  • I am proud that I have learned Reiki – Sita Rao, Reiki Master
  • When I did to my parents, I felt that I have done wonderful service to them; this is the only method by which I extend my gratitude to them – Lakshmi, Reiki Master
  • If anybody wanted to learn Reiki, I will say “Do immediately and after this, do Naran’s Past Life Healing” –Rajeswari, Reiki Master

All Reiki Masters and Reiki Channels can attend this workshop

Workshop Details

Venue: Kamlu’s Residence

Date: 7th July, 2013, from 10 AM till 4 PM (lunch and snacks will be provided to participants)

CONTACT: Kamlu – Email: Mobile – 99999-98944 


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir can you arrange this seminar in Mumbai?

  2. Dear Naran Sir,
    If any of your workshops will be at Mumbai we will be also blessed with same.

  3. Dear respected Sir Naranji
    Sir please correct me if I am wrong regarding reiki.if somebody requested to send healing reiki to The person who Dr.said is very critical stage ,but relatives friend want the sick person to heal .I may be wrong ,I have heard my friends who have attuned to reiki they says reiki takes it ‘s way to heal person or to give peace to person either by healing and giving life Or to send sick person to final destination to rest in peace? Kindly reply me .sorry for my limited knowledge about reiki.Thanks

    What does distance reiki do if somebody requested to send healing reiki to last stage. Of life person’s health ?

    • Naran will answer your question.

      Meanwhile, I just want to share an experience I had witnessed.

      My friend’s father as well as his father-in-law were sick at the same time, in critical condition and admitted in two different hospitals.

      A group of my friends gave his father-in-law Reiki for a week, while to his father they couldn’t give Reiki due to lack of time.

      The father-in-law passed away peacefully, while my friend’s father suffered for few more months and died a painful death. My friend remarked, ‘I wish my father could have been given Reiki, so that he could have a peaceful death too’.

      From my experience — both personal and observation, Reiki makes the person peaceful and painless, but it doesn’t prevent death (may be it does, who knows, only god knows). If death has to happen it will happen.

      So giving Reiki is the best remedy for anybody who is sick, in death-bed.

    • Ftrrs,
      why do you bother about the result. result of any action -prayer or Reiki – is with Destiny.
      Do and don’t worry or have concern about the result.
      Helping the other is your choice.
      If you are not a reiki channel, why do you unnecessarily come out with Reiki questions?

      • Dear sir Naranji and respected Administer
        Thank you very much for explanation.Sir I want to explain same thing .it is not me who attuned reiki but other people who request reiki for their loveones .yes people who had told us same thing regarding reiki Reiki gives results for the good of patient .according to reiki both way is good for Administer has written for person who died peacefully after receiving reiki . Hence I asked .sir kindly explain how does rekie gives help to differently for different people health condition.
        What exactly should one know about reiki when requesting for anyone who want to survive one’s life ? Kind sir please guide us as half knowledge is not good.

  4. guruji,iam 35yrs old ,iam not getting even minmum qualified person to get married. I have seen one person in matrimony.first he expressed he is not responding.what to do guruji,pls help me guruji.

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