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Symbols of Stability and Power

Workshop on “Switch Words Powered By Power Symbols”

25th May 2103, from 10 A.M to 2 PM

Power of Kanji Symbols

Kanji symbols are not like letters found in other languages, which can be strung together to form words.

In fact, every Kanji symbol depicts an idea (or word).

Kanji symbols are basically pictograms or ideograms. Because they are pictograms, they can convey the idea to the subconscious mind easily.

Stability can be found easily

One day a client of Naran phoned up and said his company is sending out most of the people. However, he wanted to continue working there. He wanted his management to retain him because at his age he cannot find another job easily.

From his expressions, Naran found that he wanted stability. He gave him a stability symbol and asked him to paste it on the chair that he sits in the office.

Till now the client is continuing in the same company, even after retrenchment of so many of his colleagues.

When he kept the stability symbol under his pillow, he found extraordinary feeling of stability. Probably that changed attitude of him has helped him to save his job.

Researching on Symbols with Switch Words

This encouraged Naran to collect and experiment with various symbols for different life situations.

While doing this research, he found out that symbols can be combined with the most popular switch words too. He found this increased the power of switch words in multiples.

He feels using these symbols along with the chanting of switch words can help so many of us in so many of life situations.

In the workshop on Switch Words with Power Symbols:

  • He will introduce the symbols as a pack of cards
  • Show how to energize them with quartz crystal
  • How to energize the quartz crystal with symbols combined with Switch words
  • How to use the crystal in various other ways
  • In addition, all the situations covered by SWITCH WORDS will be explained too.
  • A manual with the picture cards and a quartz pencil crystal will be given free to those who attend the workshop
  • Audio recording of the CD will be given to all the participants free of cost, on a later date. Or Audio mp3 download link will be sent. Participants are requested to give their mail id in writing, in the given form.

Fees to attend the workshop would be Rs.1500/-. Lunch will be provided to all participants of the workshop.

The workshop will be conducted in the premises of the new office:

Honey Naturopathy Hospitals India Private Limited,

1st Floor, New no 3, Melony Road, T-Nagar, Chennai – 600 017


Next to Aachi shooting building, Near Hindi Prachara Sabha

Contact: Shobana– 9884301634or email: to confirm your participation

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