Thank you Naran! that was an excellent class you offered us. I thank Divine and you for letting me attend that class of yours.


The workshop on Switch words with Power Symbols was amazing.

Never thought I would make it to Chennai alone. All the while I was calling upon WOLF to come to my rescue.

New place didn’t know a thing but WOLF showed me the way and made it comfortable for me. I got my WL ticket confirmed on both the ways 🙂

I thank you Naran for showing us, an alternative way of dealing with our Life’s situations.

Waiting for you to conduct Workshop’s in Hyderabad.

  1. Pranaamam to divine Gurudev…thank you so much for teaching us the divine subjects and helping us to lead a life of peace and love..Thank you for teaching us to live in gratitude. thank you sir.Love thank divine reiki

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